Listened to Mark Lawson on ‘Front Row’ yesterday evening, interviewing Yvette Fielding about the latest series or video release or whatever of ‘Most Haunted’. Anyone who’s seen this show knows the shtick. Film crew visits location reputed for its ghostly goings on, and records, usually in night vision, various mysterious knocking noises and unexplainable chills, and the possessed presenter hacking the sound recorder to death… or so you’d think, given the way they milk it.

Lawson raised a point which I’ve never heard before, though, and that is how this show, with its supposedly traumatised and even bloodied cameramen,  meets the BBC’s health & safety regulations. The Beeb can’t be a party to making stuff up, but they can’t leave themselves open to compensation claims either, so what is the real deal with ‘Most Haunted’? Are we all supposed to treat it as a bit of fun, like Derren Brown or astrology?

Great. For the record, then, the paranormal is entirely the product of gullible or deluded personalities, spurred on by con artists, which is why no proof of ghosts exists. If anyone thinks they have proof, I’d love to see it.