It would be lovely to compare the blogs of the main contenders for the Gloucester parliamentary seat (see links, right), but it wouldn’t be comparing like with like. Parmjit Dhanda’s is the closest thing in appearance to a blog, being WordPress, like this one, but he leaves weeks, even months, between entries, and he and/or his staff are total control freaks over permitting comments that are the teensiest bit critical. Richard Graham’s doesn’t even have a comment section or, in fact, entries. It’s just one long document occasionally updated, and readers can send questions to Richard, but they won’t appear on the site. And Jeremy Hilton’s is really more of a website than a blog. It’s stuffed with links (the ‘Ward News’ section is potentially interesting, although, surprise surprise, no ‘news’ in Barton & Tredworth), but no opportunity for open feedback.

So all of them fall down on the ‘giving the constituents a public voice’ angle, which is surely a big part of what any blog is about. Otherwise, it’s just ‘blah blah, aren’t I wonderful?’