Took my wife to the hospital today, suffering greatly from a kidney infection. Leaving the hospital again about an hour later, at about 8:40pm we were followed out by the police car that had been parked in front of the emergency department (probably illegally but then, for the police, nothing is illegal) when we first arrived. We both stopped at the railway crossing, and it didn’t surprise me that the female police officer driving didn’t bother to turn off her engine. What did surprise me was that her male companion wasn’t wearing his seatbelt. Anyone who knows me at all knows I haven’t got much respect for the police these days. Perhaps some individual officers deserve it, but then, those individuals are going to to have to demonstrate as much, and that hasn’t happened yet. Plus, the cars just been through its MOT, so I wasn’t too worried about getting their attention. So I turned around in my seat and stretched out my own seatbelt, enough to make it clear what my meaning was. And by the gesticulations this whelp in the passenger seat then started to make, cupping his hands to his mouth and yanking an imaginary seatbelt, it was clear that my meaning was taken. Now, my wife was of the opinion that police officers don’t necessarily have to wear seatbelts. That may be so, although it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t, if they have a brain. It’s second nature to me now, I’d feel uncomfortable not wearing one, and as I’ve said before, people using handheld mobiles while driving seem more common these days. Police officers taking the piss out of members of the public, though, that’s something that probably shouldn’t happen, with this shiny new charter of theirs, but I have no problem at all believing does happen.

Here’s to the new, ‘caring’, police. You keep treating those scummy MOPs the way they deserve.