Fingers crossed, the link you see above will download a copy of the new constitution drafted by the city council for the nine existing community partnerships. It’s important that anyone with an interest takes a good look at it, because there are some changes which reflect the failings of some partnerships to galvanise their communities, and make it easier for a failing partnership to struggle on. For example, allowing non-residents to take a seat on the Co-ordinating Group of each partnership and have a vote, which reduces local involvement in the making of decisions. In particular, the reduction in the number of people required to allow an Annual General Meeting to proceed, from 20 to 12, disguises that failure to encourage involvement. Not a single partnership has to accept this draft constitution as a ‘one size fits all’ document, but every one of them has to be clear about what they will and won’t accept, and tell the council so.

One other thing. According to 3.1, a neighbourhood partnership’s boundaries are determined by residents, councillors and ‘partners’. In practise, most of the NPs are mapped onto electoral wards. While this is the case with Moreland and Barton & Tredworth, though, which have the railway line as their eastern boundary, Robinswood & Matson’s western edge only goes as far as Finlay Road. There is a large strip including Marlborough Road, Tredworth Cemetery, White City Adventure Playground and part of White City, which belongs to no partnership, notwithstanding what the map on this page says. They don’t get any say about the draft (although the residents of the graveyard probably don’t care), and that will need to be addressed eventually. Anyone who lives in that area can contact the Community Involvement Officer via the link above.

We’ll be discussing these proposed changes at the Barton & Tredworth NP’s open meeting next Monday (21st), which takes place at the Friendship Café, at 6:30pm.