Funny, but although I expected to be a bit of a knob in 2006 compared to my urbane current self, I think I was holding my arguments together pretty well, even then. It’s a shame that I didn’t appear to get to grips with the cantankerous Chris, and didn’t press him to answer my queries about how he could defend the behaviour of GFM, but then again, maybe I addressed that in the two posts Eddie removed (even then, I was arguing with one hand tied behind my back).

It’s an instructional thread, though. Note that Chris didn’t hang around for long, even after promising to, nor Kingston either, though I recall he broke his leg, so had a bit of an excuse (not that you type with your feet,but let’s not even go there). Note also that I was the one defending GFM most of the time, yet for all of my huge liberal bent, I still end up as the enemy of all ethnicity. But that’s what happens when you fall in with aging hypocrites.

Gloucester FM

And this is how the funding thing started to become a rod for my back, although it reached it’s apotheosis with today’s ‘the claims were just ridiculous and totally untrue’, now that Phil Ellaway of Abbeymead can’t even remember that a Labour councillor, Sue Oppenheimer, decried my query as ‘rumours’ on thirdhand evidence, from me, to Phil Ellaway, to Andrew Gravells (who she may have had reason to think was asking to stir things party politically).

Grants to GFM

And to top it off, although Phil Ellaway likes to rake up completely off-topic stuff when he is short of a jibe, he wasn’t so quick to respond when I pwned his arse here.