(just FYI, that ‘Sherlock’ mini-series on the Beeb was pretty good, although 90 minutes per ep was pushing it a bit.)

I want to talk about something which has come up again as a result of Baz Kirby noting on the Gloucester Boards that he had ‘got Analytics installed on Gloucester Labour website’. That led me to look at GL’s site, which led me to look at The Team, which led me to note again that Harjit Gill is listed as living at 155 Barton Street, contrary to the opinion of others. They are quite correct because, on the city council’s website, his address is listed as Tithe Farm, Tithe Farm Lane, Birdwood, way out past Churcham on the A40.

That’s not what I want to talk about, though, but rather that it was Saj Patel who, correctly, pointed out that this Barton & Tredworth councillor didn’t live in Gloucester. I queried this in the Citizen article, Tory candidate was Labour member, where he made the claim, because it could only have been Gill he was referring to, and like most people, I assumed our councillor was a ward resident. Saj sent me an email (he has my address because I’ve emailed him on parking issues) clarifying the address thing, but also pointing out that, contrary to the claim beneath that article from an anonymous ‘Labour Party Member’, on April 28th, that Saj ‘was rejected to stand in the election only six weeks back’, the candidate selection actually took place on October 3rd, 2009. That anonymous claim, if taken at face value, completely blew out of the water Saj’s claim to have become the Tory candidate after being persuaded by Yakub Pandor on his deathbed in December last year. Therefore, it was unfortunate that besides informing me, Saj never challenged the claim publicly, under that article. If dirty tricks had been uncovered – and if Saj Patel quit the Labour Party in November 2009, as he claimed, Sonia Friend’s ‘He was a Labour Party member until very recently’ line was a lie – that revelation could have turned the course of the election in Barton & Tredworth.

So my question to anyone in the know is, was the candidate selection on Oct 3rd last year, as Saj claimed, or around mid-March, as the anonymous writer alleged?