I don’t have a lot to say about events between 2001 and 2004 that led to the West’s military interventions in Afghanistan, then Iraq. I will say, though, that they stirred up much debate on AOL’s politics board (which was scrapped, along with most of the things that created a community on AOL, a few years back), and the failure to find WMDs was the top topic. Consequently, I could see where the wind was blowing, that the justification for these conflicts would be spun into something else. That’s why I made it very clear on that board that whatever people might start to say about Saddam Hussein’s human rights record (decades too late), it didn’t justify invasion, certainly not when there are so many other regimes our governments are quite willing to turn a blind eye to. To hell with Ann Clwyd’s people-shredder (and isn’t it about time she faced the music for her role as propagandist and Blair’s best, newest friend?), it was as dodgy a claim as the babies being thrown from incubators in Kuwait.

So, sure, reasons can always be found, or manufactured, to do something, as long as people in power really wanted to do them anyway, but those people can almost never be trusted to really care about those reasons. You can bet that British soldiers are dying in Afghanistan for strategic, political, even economic reasons, not for humanitarian ones.