Cheltenham cabbie accused of sexually assaulting teenage student

When any report of sexual assault, to say nothing of rape, immediately creates a presupposition in the reader’s mind that the accused is guilty, it’s important to note that in the above report (which TiG, as per usual, has not permitted commentary on), it is the word of one person, the taxi driver, against the word of another, his 18-year old fair. The article doesn’t include any evidence to corroborate either story, and in the absence of such evidence, a guilty verdict should never have been reached. That probably means that such evidence has not been reported (typical TiG).

As it stands, though, the story illustrates the serious consequences of any individual being prepared to lie shamelessly to serve their own selfish ends, often for the most trivial of reasons. Lying is socially acceptable now, it seems, even to people who have trumpeted their morals publicly and loudly. Why is it tolerated so? Beats me.