What it says on the tin.

Before Facebook revised their set-up, which seemed to be working just fine, it was simplicity to edit one’s comment or delete it. Ditto for everyone else’s comments, presumably, if it was your page, as Barton is.

Now, though, I can’t seem to change anything. I can remove spammers from a page, as I had the opportunity to do when I was made mod on the ‘Bring Back the REAL Citizen’ page, but the actual spam comments can’t be budged. Yet I know that two such comments were removed from Gloucester Labour’s Facebook page, albeit one was left up for two weeks.

So I’m wondering, is this affecting everyone, or just me? Blocked from the Labour page for asking a question about Gaza, and from the Labour puppet site, ‘No Incinerator in Gloucester’, for asking another question, then from GFM’s page for… asking a question? No, for noting that the sprout in charge, Shaun Moore, had not told the truth about when the GFM web site was supposed to be finished… do people get their ability to edit restricted when they are reported to Facebook? Unless everyone has this problem, I have to assume though, and someone would say if it were happening to everyone. Thoughts..?

By the way, Barton & Tredworth’s (non-recycling) bins haven’t been collected since before Xmas, but the city council seems to think they have.

Update: after trying Facebook on Mozilla Firefox, I finally noticed the ‘Remove’ button. On AOL, it doesn’t show up at all unless you actually hover the cursor over it. So deleting comments IS possible. On the minus side, editing new comments still doesn’t seem to be possible, and Facebook never replied to my query, after an initial email asking for details. They just don’t seem very accountable to their users.