I posted this on TiG’s article about Graham and Libya, in the hope that they might send a reporter in the likely event that they didn’t know about it. Once again, it has failed to be published, though it will probably appear sometime later today, too late…

When the UN won’t take action in Zimbabwe, it’s a joke to think they have any right to act in Libya.

I’m more interested in what Richard Graham is doing right now, if he has managed to find the place. Between 9:15 and 1:15, Cemvo have organised a ‘Big Society Conference’ at Chequers Bridge Community Centre. They have done as bad a job of advertising it as they did a similar meet’n’greet with Graham and Paul James at Barton Community Centre a few months back. Invitations were sent out to charities, and presumably councillors, because I saw Usman Bhaimia hoofing it down from the Lib Dem HQ, but nobody thought to tell the neighbourhood partnership, again. I hope TiG will find the means to send a reporter down from Cheltenham, but they didn’t report on the previous event, so I guess they won’t.

I Googled this invitation form (oh, I guess Linking Communities should have told us):


Edit: I see that Richard Graham’s blog is still advertising the surgery at the Redwell Centre, on March 11th. It’s in serious need of an update.