And when in gods’ names did he start calling himself ‘Matty Holmes’?


For the record, and perhaps not so coincidentally, I was banned – for the second time – seemingly for the crime of using the expression about Mohammed going to the mountain while referring to a councillor who happened to be Muslim. There is no arguing against this judgement, apparently, and the Press Complaints Commission don’t seem keen to investigate and, like the Police Complaints Commission, can usually be relied upon to find a reason not to. In this case, what an editor chooses to allow in terms of who can make what comments is entirely up to him, and common sense is not a factor.

Anyway, let’s hope that a new look will mean new blog posts from Ian Mean and Kevan Blackadder and dear Matty. Funny, is it just me, or does this look like more advertising, not less?

[Update:12:30] The site is becoming slightly more operable now, and joy of joys, at least I can comment again (the site doesn’t seem to give people the option of posting under any name besides the one they registered as, which might be a good thing). The ‘Tell us about your area’ might be a good thing, too, so props for that bit of localism, at least.

Still, ‘Matty’..?

Oh, and still ‘Not friends!!’