With no sign of this event being promoted on the Citizen’s website, and the ‘Write an article’ and ‘Create an event’ links not apparently working, I tried to create a topic on the ‘forums’ instead. That didn’t work either, and neither does logging on.

I trust if you read this, Eddie, that you can do the honours on the Barton & Tredworth News and Events board. I’m fairly sure Shaun Moore won’t, although I suggested to our newest councillor that he should put the request to the Invisible Mod:

It seems we can’t actually write an article or create an event yet, so I should use the forums to say that a Jobs Fair will be held at the Barton Community Centre on Barton Street between 2:30pm and 4pm tomorrow (June 17th). About 15 employers and training organisations will be on hand, and there are potentially 2,000 jobs available (it would also be great if we could give a title to these threads) – http://bartred.webs.com/news.htm

Edit: the ‘Create an event’ function seems to be working again, anyway, and I posted the above, with a few obvious amendments. Not sure how people can actually view ‘events’, though…