‘D-DAY is almost here – this is your chance to save this city.

At 12.30pm tomorrow, a massive gathering will come together at The Cross to say “no” to Boundary Commission proposals to “rip the heart” out of Gloucester.’

Three queries about this story in today’s paper. First, what does the ‘D’ in ‘D-Day’ stand for. Day? Debacle? No shortage of those in TiG. Maybe it should have been ‘B-Day’?

Secondly, ‘chance to save this city’? There’s been no shortage of readers, those that still visit the website anyway, who have pointed out that the ‘city’ is in no danger. Hypotenuse, much? There wasn’t all this fuss about Longlevens being transferred to the Tewkesbury constituency, and likewise, I’m pretty sure it continued to be served by Gloucester City Council. IIRC, Churchdown and Brockworth also belong to Tewkesbury. Or maybe Cheltenham? Something that appears to make little sense, but still didn’t inspire a march,anyway.

Thirdly, TiG is predicting a ‘massive gathering’? More than predicting, actually stating that it will happen, despite the failure of their purple prose on the subject to instill a fervour in the hearts of readers. I would have been half tempted to go into town to watch this spectacle tomorrow, but I’m afraid that I might be counted as part of the ‘massive gathering’, so I probably won’t now.

Perhaps the Citizen should ask their readers if they can think of a way to reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600 without some constituents getting a different MP? I wonder if some of TiG’s sister papers are running ‘Save Our MP’ campaigns?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The proposal to move Wesgate ward to the Forest constituency may have been inspired by political mischief on the part of Lewis Baston, but alternative proposals haven’t demonstrated that there is a better alternative that involves Gloucester. If the Forest needs more voters, can’t they take a chunk out of Tewkesbury, instead of Gloucester, which seems to have just the right number at the moment?

Whatever proposal is accepted, it doesn’t seem like an urgent matter, since no seat will be abolished as a consequence. Is anyone getting such a great service from one Tory MP in Gloucester that they fear what they might receive from a Tory MP in the Forest?