Not exactly what I wanted to blog, after such a long absence, but foremost in my mind in the circumstances.

I’ve tried posting a reply to Richard Graham’s blog (see link, on the right), and I get asked to sign in to WordPress, but the screen tells me my password is wrong, which I know it isn’t. This has been happening for months. So I give and request a new password, at which point I’m told that ‘There is no user registered with that email address’.

However, as anyone reading this will see, I logged in to write this blog with my non-existent email address, and the usual password (trust me on that), so what’s the problem? Is it only a problem on Richard Graham’s blog? Has anyone else tried posting a comment there? This might be a good time to give it a go, before general election fever starts to manifest next year. Voters should have the option of raising issues with their MP publicly, not just by phone or email, or even a letter. How else will we know if he’s really doing the job we elected him to do?