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(I once moderated, along with treborc, the forums made available for discussion about Public Whip, which was primarily about putting House of Commons data on votes and the like into a form palatable to the public. When the founders, Francis Irving and Julian Todd, finding their hands full with other projects, handed control of it to Katy Bairstow and Richard Chiswell, the latter pair were effusive about how they would ‘improve’ PW, and immediately closed down the forum, citing security concerns over ‘leaky’ emails. Since then, they appear to have sat on their backsides, again, citing the fact that no-one appears to wish to pay them to work on the site improvements. They won’t even approve my comments now, so here it is instead. In a rush, so I’ll add tags tomorrow)

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

My reply (‘You must be a democrat’) is no longer appearing as ‘awaiting moderation’, so you must have read it and deleted it. So here’s the ‘more to follow’, since it’s apparently required, and will end up on my own blog, and linked to via Twitter, if you don’t permit it here…

First off, while I hate to break up your pity party, I should point out that I haven’t said anything to offend you yet. I asked what *would* be more offensive, future tense. you might think it’s a fine line, but it very definitely *is* a line, and you’re wasting your energy on pre-ire.

‘Perhaps you’ve had some experience in this field?’ What are you, twelve? I’m quite prepared to accept that it was just naivite or incompetence, or a combination thereof that led you to take on something you were in no position to handle. There’s no shame (well, not much) in admitting it. Actually, I guess your reputation could take a bit of a knock, the way news spreads on the internet. Well, you made your bed…

Carry on being ‘fed’ up with my comments. You take the rough with the smooth when you take on a public site. I made it clear that the forum was what mattered in my view, and that code was Greek to me, but you still insist on conflating the two issues, like an Assange-bashing Guardian journo. I could create a (non-leaky) Public Whip forum in minutes. It’s debatable if anyone would post on it, but if they did, I suspect it would be to speculate on when they might see any sign of this great gold-plating you speak of?

If you can’t get the money, and you’re not prepared to work for free, as I presume Julian and Francis did, just admit you bit off more than you could chew, but *don’t* try to shift the blame on to somebody else. Clean up your own mess.

Or try suing me..?

My first attempt at what I think is ‘trackbacking’… Hope it works, because this article will be of interest to some people I know…

Inforrm's Blog

The Defamation Bill published last week after the Queen’s Speech contains four clauses of especial significance for the internet:

  • Clause 5  a new defence for website operators in respect of third party posts.  In essence this significantly enhances website operators’ protection for posts by identifiable posters; and is also designed to encourage website operators voluntarily to disclose to defamation complainants the identity and contact details of the author of an anonymous defamatory post.

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What with the BTNP AGM being put back to May 30th, I suppose I should avoid burning my bridges with a frank (but fair) analysis of the partnership’s progress over the last year or so, in the hope of better things for June.

Instead, I thought I’d put down some thoughts that have sprang to mind, specifically the definition of a ‘troll’. In the simplest terms, a troll is someone whose views you don’t like. Perhaps better to say, ‘whose expressed views you don’t like’, because people sometimes, a lot of the time, think these views are contrived for the purpose of making the person who expresses them unlikable.

But a troll, clearly, is also someone who (whom?) the people applying the label have chosen to de-humanise, often describing such an individual as ‘it’. At the risk of invoking Godwin’s Law, this is what the Nazis did to their victims, what most people bent on asserting their absolute will on others do, in fact. It wouldn’t be necessary, after all, if all that was required was to ignore people that are believed to be wind-up merchants (WUMs).

In my time on TiG’s new website, where posters are required to register an account, which can be ‘disabled’ if a poster breaks one or more of some occasionally excessively strict rules (especially the one about questioning censorship… whoops, moderation), I have, for the record, been ‘Joe K’, ‘Tony J’, ‘TrollhunterX’, and ‘L’escalier’. Also ‘Bartred_NP’, but that’s a slightly different matter. I’m not the only person to find themselves falling foul of TiG’s rules, and many other people have re-registered in defiance of these rules. The length some of them have lasted, in spite of, in some instances, quite appallingly vituperative behaviour, is either a testament to the staff’s realisation that they are really just spitting into the wind, or to the generally low level of reported comments, or both.

What the average onlooker should appreciate, though, is that a) TiG have brought a lot of this on themselves, and b) that ‘this’ isn’t really that big a big deal. Most of it is ‘genial spam’. If some of it goes too far, there is the ‘report’ button, not ‘This is (flame) war!’

So, whatever the paper is like at the moment, the web site is healthy. Don’t knock it, maaan.

And if anyone wants a punch-up, do it here…

Any thoughts/theories/rants welcome 🙂

I can’t believe this is still ‘awaiting moderation’, over six months later…

Seymour Road Crossing Shelved By Tories

22/06/2011 2:18 am

Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I’ll say it again…

Frankly, unless you have had anyone injured as a result of the absence of a crossing, you are in exactly the same position as us, with High Street. Highways won’t shell out for a crossing without good reason, and that was passed down to us from our own Labour county councillor. Our new Conservative city councillor has long campaigned for the crossing, but I suspect his hands will be tied in the long run…


I can’t recall now whether I said ‘I’ll say it again’ because I posted it to this blog entry before, and it was moderated and rejected, or because I said it in reply to the same subject on some other Labour blog, perhaps Kate Haigh’s.

Something similar has happened with Play Gloucestershire’s blog. For the ‘February Half-term’ entry, I wrote a week ago that Malcolm Dunn of the city council had not informed me of their half-term events, nor had they been advertised in the local press, but that next time, it would be nice if they would do something in St. James’ Park. That disappeared, as did my following remark on their willingness to engage with the public. My last attempt (‘Play Gloucestershire is really amazing :)’) still doesn’t seem to pass muster, after four days now.

When you add the inability of the Barton & Tredworth Heritage Community Heritage staff to manage their website, as well as GAVCA’s unwillingness to promote their voluntary sector forum by participating in discussions, it shows a pretty poor effort all round in engaging with internet users.

Update: ‘Even ‘Play Gloucestershire is really amazing!’ doesn’t pass muster, and has been moderated away. Can anyone get a comment approved? These guys aren’t exactly a bundle of fun…

After seeing that one commenter’s name, ‘Casinoboy’ is partially obscured because it contains the word ‘nob’, I’ve finally decided to start compiling a comprehensive list of words that fall foul, sometimes hilariously, of the word filter. If anyone has encountered ‘bad’ words that I’ve not, the more incongruous the better, they’re welcome to post them to me, and I’ll add them as well…

Scum (due to the ‘cum’)
Taffs (due to the ‘ffs’)
Whore is, I’m pretty sure, infra dig, despite ‘attention whore’ being part of the internet jargon.

And we must not forget ‘paedo’, although it’s practically Ian Mean’s favourite word.

So, anyone else want to get the **** rolling?

Sometimes, I wonder if TiG aren’t just taking the piss because they know they’re going out of business…

School children are first in county to have hives

Update: You. Couldn’t. Make. It. Up.

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