Something I’ve meant to bring up, for about three weeks now, and I can’t allow the tardiness to continue, especially after advising someone else on the importance of regular updates, however little time there seems to be, is an incident in Asda, at the automatic check-outs. Actually, there are two incidents, very different in nature, that I want to talk about, but this is more of a public information announcement…

It was early evening, and these checkouts were busy enough for there to be small queues, one of which, the closest to the main doors, I was in. There are six auto-tills, three on either side, with less spacious ‘bagging areas’ than the two other sets that people queue for. The nearest till on the right had become available, and either the middle one had also become available, or it had just become apparent that no-one was using it. Hence, as the couple, a man and a woman, in front of me went to the first one, I went to the second.

Just befor I reached it, though, the man put a [pack?] of small bottles, around 8 or 10, possibly lager, beer or cider, on the flat area where my basket should have gone. I said ‘Excuse me’, and then ‘Excuse me’ again, after which I took the bottles off the flat area and placed it on their bagging area, without a word. This caused some difficulties for them, as I guess the bottles had not been scanned, and a assistant had to help them. I resisted the urge to offer some friendly advice to him about what the problem had been…

Now, am I just being overly suspicious, or was this a (not particularly clever, given it relied upon someone in my position not having a problem with being held up) way of trying to steal from the store? I would almost be inclined to say ‘watch out for this kind of thing’, but in all honesty you couldn’t really ignore it. It only has a real chance of working if the tills are being used much, and then the security cameras are probably being heavily scrutinised for funny business. Maybe when the tills are crowded is the only time one can get away with it, as slim as the possibility is even then.

So not exactly a major problem. Asda’s checkout software is probably a bigger issue, but I’ll come to that…


For this you’ll need:

Goodfellas Chicken Provencal pizza (currently on special offer in Asda)
Bottle of barbecue sauce

Apply the sauce to the pizza before cooking.

Voila (or whatever the Italian for ‘voila’ is).

Seriously, GCP is a little lacking in oomph without the sauce, but with it, it rules.

There’s so much to too talk about at the moment, but much of it is sensitive stuff, so I thought I’d post the tip above as a holding entry. These are mad times we live in, MAD!